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Sciatica Treatment 

If you're experiencing numbness in your lower leg or suffering from shooting pains down the back of your thigh, you may be wondering what you did to injure your leg. In truth, the problem may lie in the nerve roots that anchor your sciatic nerve to your spinal cord. When these nerve roots are compressed, the resulting collection of symptoms is referred to as sciatica. Thankfully, you don't have to let this condition disrupt your life. Here at Stow Chiropractic, we can administer non-invasive treatment to ease sciatica symptoms in residents of Stow, Concord, Acton, Sudbury, and Maynard.


How Sciatica Affects Your Lower Extremities

Your leg contains the single largest nerve in your body, the sciatic nerve. This nerve feeds all the smaller nerves that relay signals to and from your buttock, thigh, calf, and foot. The sciatic nerve is large enough that it attaches to the spinal cord and several major nerve roots.

The nerve roots extend through small bone gaps in the lumbar and sacral spine. This placement can turn out to be a major problem if something goes wrong with your spinal column. An acute injury, postural abnormality, or chronic degenerative spinal problem can allow discs or other structures to compress the sciatic nerve roots. This can cut off the normal flow of sensory and motor data to the sciatic nerve and any of the nerves that branch off from it. Sometimes the sciatic nerve itself is squeezed by swollen surrounding tissues. Either way, you may end up experiencing:

  • Tingling or loss of sensation anywhere along the affected extremity
  • Loss of muscle control or balance in your leg or foot
  • Sharp pains running down your leg, especially when you sit down
  • Hip or buttock pain

Our Chiropractor Can Help Put a Stop to Your Sciatica

If you get recurring bouts of sciatica, you need to get the underlying cause corrected. Our chiropractor can locate the underlying cause through a detailed evaluation of the lower spinal column. Once the impingement has been pinpointed, we can apply chiropractic adjustments to shift spinal structures away from the nerve roots, restoring the normal flow of communication. Custom orthotics to correct your posture can also help relieve sciatica. If inflamed tissues are pinching the sciatic nerve, therapeutic laser can help reduce that inflammation.

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