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I feel the care I've received at Stow Family Chiropractic has been exceptional!  I've taken my health to a whole new level since finally diagnosing some chronic issues and treating them effectively.  Dr. Todd and his staff are great!! — Penny D.

I first met Dr. Whittemore during the summer of 2005 at  the Maynard Farmer's Market where he was offering free trigger point massage. I liked that the Doctor did not pressure me about needing help. Before coming to Dr. Whittemore, I had headaches for many, many years (25 years or more). The treatments have worked wonders for me! Most of my headaches were caused by pressure in the back of my neck. The headaches have improved greatly. It's so great not to have pain. Thank you Dr. Whittemore! — Anonymous

Dr. Whittemore and his staff are absolutely amazing!!  Since I started a short while ago, I feel so much better!  I take less Ibuprophen, have more energy and feel like my old self :)  My body feels "at ease" and it feels good to get help and support from the staff. — Ida D.

I first came to you in February with severe neck pain.  A month ago, I developed lower back muscle spasms.  Today I am pain free, thanks to you and your faithful staff of associates. My neck pain was so severe that I couldn't turn my head to even look for oncoming traffic as I backed my car out of the driveway.  I can't believe that within just a few short months of treatment, I can now turn my head over my shoulder with no pain at all.  That was unbelievable - now I really wish I'd started coming to you seven years ago.

A month ago, my lower back started having spasms that would bring me to my knees.  Three weeks ago, you suggested I cut out sugar and reduce my carb intake, faithfully do some strectching excercises and use heat and ice as appropriate.  If you recall, I wasn't too pleased at that suggestion (about reducing my sugar,) but I trusted you and followed your advice.  This was not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but as you told me, I had to make a choice between being able to being able to play golf and move around comfortably, or eat the way I'd been eating and continue with the spasms.  Though I still don't understand why the high carb diet wasn't allowing my back and hips to heal, that advice resulted in my not having any spasms for over two weeks now, AND I've lost 6 pounds AND reduced my midsection by a couple of inches.

I want to thank all of you for making me feel like a new woman.  Moving around freely is critical to my having a quality of life that makes me a happy person.  Now I can swing a club .. and who knows ... I'm going out for the Club Championship at my Club (something I didn't even think I could compete for this year!)

Thanks again to you all. — A Converted Chiropractic Believer, Laura D.

I am a total convert.  I feel much better after each appointment - I look forward to it.  I was afraid at first, but now that I know how much better it makes me feel, I am hooked!! — Kim G.

The excruciating pain that awoke me from deep sleep due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and numbness in my first 3 fingers on my right hand, I now only feel on occasion!  What a relief... — Carol H.

The whole experience at Stow Family Chiropractic has been terrific.  This was my first experience with a chiropractor ever and it has been exemplary!! Dr. Todd has been a true professional. He is friendly and is quick to answer any questions I have. He has remarkable knowledge of the human body as a system and truly treated my medical situation as a whole, not just an adjustment and then send me on my way! He's assisted me with life changes as well as physical ones!  I recommend Stow Family Chiropractic to everyone because of the quality of care I receive!! — Chris K.

Stow Family Chiropractic has given me a level of comfort that I haven't experienced for over 8 months.  I regret having waited so long before coming into this practice because I feel so much better and will continue to improve, I'm certain. — Martha R.

 HIGH CALIBER CARE!  Dr. Todd adjusted my lower back, bringing it from "hard-to-breathe" pain, back to normal. — Valeria P.

This practice is very welcoming and friendly and the quality of service is excellent!!  I would recommend it to anyone who wants to maintain their health and to those who have injuries and need more intense services. — Jennifer C.

They listen carefully and treat you with respect!  I'm in better shape thanks to their treatment. — Tom Z.

Great results!  Kind, professional, considerate treatment... — Anonymous

I'm not a fan of chiropractor's because I don't like being "cracked" but I couldn't sit without shooting pain. But because of Dr. Todd, all my back pain was gone in 2 weeks time!  Although I'm not a fan of the "cracking"  I have to admit..it works.  I feel so much better in more ways than prior to coming!! — Joann L.

This was my husband's and my first experience with chiropractic care. I am a nurse and of course hear Dr.'s question the effectiveness of chiropractic or their concern about it.  I have several friends that benefit from chiropractic.  Prior to my first visit, I was experiencing back tension and discomfort and felt I needed someone to "walk" on my back to get it re-aligned!  I'm glad we met Dr. Todd & staff at the Emerson Hospital Health Fair and came here instead!  The care and attention we have received has been wonderful as well as educational and most importantly..therapeutic!  We both feel better and hope to continue to as we visit here. — Karen C.


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