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Dealing with Stress the Right Way

Stress represents one of the most common health conditions that causes the most sick days, gets the least amount of attention, and triggers some of the most serious chronic health issues in adults. A certain amount of periodic stress is good for the body, building up our ability to manage challenges and form resilience for harder issues later in life. However, too much stress all the time can trigger serious breakdowns in our critical body systems, including mental stability, increased susceptibility to stroke, and heart problems. The older we get, the more serious a toll stress can take on the body.


Stress Impacts People in Different Ways

Common physical signs of stress are often felt in the form of stiff backs and necks, back pain, sharp neck pain, shoulder cramping, wrist pain, and even abdominal pain, believe it or not. Most of these are symptoms versus causes of their own. Stress causes our body to contort, usually from being in unnatural positions for long periods of time due to work, anxiety, or pressure.

Our bodies can also react to our unhappiness and mental frustrations as well, triggering neck muscle cramping and headaches from being on edge all the time or worried about where another issue is going to come from. In addition to the muscular symptoms, people with serious stress reactions can also suffer from higher than normal blood pressure, indigestion and digestion problems, heartburn, and an assortment of body malfunctioning issues. All of these conditions are classic reactions to a system that is out of balance.

Avoid the Pharmaceuticals

The beauty of a chiropractor’s approach to stress is that first it does not involve pharmaceuticals. Drugs have a lot of risks associated with them as well as negative side effects. That entire portfolio of issues is avoided with the help and treatment provided by a chiropractic approach.

Second, where a prescription drug falls short with a temporary effect, a chiropractor can help your body achieve a long-lasting permanent resolution of your stress effects and pain relief, including restoring your body’s system balance, as well as improving your overall health. The key to chiropractic as a defense against stress is aligning the spine to take pressure off the nervous system, to ensure that the nervous system is working optimally.

Local Help for Folks in Stow, Acton, Hudson, Maynard, Bolton, Boxborough, Concord and Sudbury

Chiropractic treatment can be applied with alignment treatment, spinal decompression, massage, stretching, guided exercises, weight and health management planning, and a lot more. Most folks only associate a chiropractor with back pain relief, whiplash injuries, and rehabilitation. However, chiropractors have been addressing chronic stress treatment for decades. In fact, it is one of the top five issues many offices across the country see on a regular basis because so much in modern life contributes to every day stressors. For more information about additional health conditions that we can help with, click here.

Our offices at Stow Family Chiropractic services patients from all over the area, including the towns of Stow, Acton, Hudson, Maynard, Bolton, Boxborough, Concord and Sudbury. If you are suffering from stress, we can help you break the vicious chain of stress, anxiety and more stress. Get your life back again with our help. Call our office at 978-897-1770 to find out more!


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