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Slipped Discs

Slipped Disc Pain and Treatment

A slipped disc is a common name for a disc herniation, which is a spinal condition that affects the discs that make up the spine. If you feel pain or numbness radiating down the arms or legs, or if the pain worsens when standing or sitting, visit our chiropractor at Stow Family Chiropractic, serving Stow, Marlborough, Bolton, Acton, Concord, and surrounding areas.


What Are Slipped Discs

The spine consists of a series of bones (vertebrae) stacked one on top of each other, forming the spinal column. There are seven vertebrae in the neck (cervical spine), twelve in the upper back (thoracic spine) and five in the lower back (lumbar spine). Each of these vertebrae has cushioning between them, known as discs, that act as shock absorbers when we walk, run, twist, bend, jump, or throw. Each disc is flat and circular and consists of a gelatinous substance that’s restrained by thin bands of cartilage. If the cartilage is damaged and the tender inner part of the disc becomes exposed, it is referred to as a slipped or herniated disc.

If a disc herniates, that disc will likely press on one of the surrounding spinal nerves, resulting in pain, numbness, tingling, or burning in the part of the body that is affected.

Common areas affected:

  •  if your herniated disc is in your lower back, you’ll typically feel the most pain in the buttocks, hips, legs and feet.
  •  If your herniated disc is in your neck, you’ll typically feel the most pain in your shoulder, arms and hands. 

The most common causes of a herniated disc:

  • Wear and tear 
  • Excess weight
  • Repetitive movements
  • Lifting the wrong way
  •  Injury
  • Genetics  

How Our Stow Chiropractor Treats Slipped Discs

Our chiropractor will use a non-surgical and drug-free approach for treating herniated discs. After an examination of your health history and symptoms, an individualized treatment plan will be developed that may include chiropractic spinal manipulation, therapeutic laser, and lifestyle advice. Our chiropractor may even add other treatment modalities to supplement your plan. Home exercises may be recommended to strengthen the muscles surrounding your herniated disc.

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