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Hip Pain

Hip Pain Treatment

You may never realized that walking, playing sports, doing a day's work, standing up, or even sitting still could hurt so much. Hip pain can quickly and dramatically remove a lot of options from your everyday life, creating constant or recurring bouts of agony whenever you move the afflicted joint. If you don't want to give up all of your favorite activities, but you also don't want the hassles of painkillers or surgery, turn to Stow Family Chiropractic for help. We offer natural hip pain relief for Bolton, Stow, Maynard, Sudbury, Marlborough, Boxborough, Hudson, Acton, Harvard, and Concord residents.


From Arthritis to Sciatica: Possible Causes of Hip Pain

Some pain isn't hip pain at all, meaning that the pain doesn't originate in the hip joint itself. Sciatica is one good example of a form of referred hip pain. When the sciatic nerve roots in the lower back are compressed or inflamed, the resulting sciatic nerve pain can shoot down through the buttock and hip to the leg.

Pain that originates in the hip joint can have several possible causes. An acute impact can dislocate the ball from the socket, causing sudden and intense pain. A more subtle kind of dislocation known as subluxation can interfere with smooth joint motion and cause pain in the hip. Osteoarthritis in the hip may occur naturally due to age. It may also be accelerated by an existing subluxation, obesity, or intense overuse of the joint. Abnormal stresses and strains can also create painful, chronic hip bursitis, tendonitis, or muscle strain.

Natural Hip Pain Management

Acute hip pain is often alleviated as soon as the underlying cause is treated and resolved. Even chronic pain related to an incurable health challenge, such as osteoarthritis, can often be reduced and managed through conservative methods. Our Stow chiropractor can address your hip pain without resorting to surgery or drugs. Our treatment options include:

  • Extremity adjustments to restore normal position of hip joint components
  • Spinal adjustments to reverse the nerve root compression that causes sciatic nerve pain
  • Custom orthotics to straighten out spinal imbalances that lead to chronic hip pain
  • Therapeutic laser to rehabilitate hip injuries or relieve chronic soft tissue pain and inflammation

Let Stow Family Chiropractic Help Heal Your Hip Pain

Don't let a bad hip affect your way of life. Call Stow Family Chiropractic today at 978-897-1770 to schedule an examination, discover the underlying cause of your pain, and then benefit from all-natural treatment. We proudly serve Bolton, Maynard, Sudbury, Marlborough, Boxborough, Hudson, Acton, Harvard, Concord, Stow, and surrounding areas.


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