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If you're looking for chiropractic care to ease your back or neck pain, you want a location close to you. The same applies if you have any other musculoskeletal issues or experience frequent headaches or migraines. Fortunately, Stow Family Chiropractic serves Stow, MA and several other Massachusetts cities in the area. 

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We offer many chiropractic services to these areas. Our main focus is spinal adjustments, which is a service chiropractors provide to promote better mobility and reduce pressure on the surrounding nerves and muscles. During this treatment, our chiropractor finds and fixes subluxation in your spine to allow your nervous system to work better. Our office gives Stow and the surrounding areas access to a treatment that helps to relieve pain without the use of drugs or surgery, and encourages your body to return to its normal function.  

Our chiropractor uses an Erchonia Adjuster, which helps to mobilize joints and unblock neuropathways throughout the spine and body, as well as an Erchonia Percussor, which vibrates at the same frequency as the soft tissue of the body and allows the muscles to return to normal function.

TENS muscle stimulation stimulates the nerves through a low-voltage electrical current. This helps relieve pain, tightness, and muscle spasms. Generally, our chiropractor uses this treatment for acute conditions. We also provide the region with intersegmental traction, which stretches your joints while also enhancing mobility, and Flexion-Distraction, which is a gentle treatment for spinal pain relief that stretches the ligaments on either side of the discs and takes pressure off of the nervous system.

You may benefit from therapeutic laser for either acute or chronic conditions. Therapeutic laser is a noninvasive procedure that uses laser light to penetrate the skin and stimulate the cell mitochondria to produce ATP, a source of energy that increases cellular regeneration and communication. Therapeutic laser reduces pain, inflammation, swelling and accelerates the process of healing.

Our chiropractor also offers Foot Levelers custom orthotics, which correct the imbalances in the 3 arches of the foot and help to properly align the entire structure of the body. Imbalances of the foot can cause back pain, knee pain, and hip pain, and can create future problems in the muscles and joints.

If you live in Stow, Maynard, Hudson, Bolton, Acton, Sudbury, Harvard, Boxborough, Concord, West Concord, or Marlborough, we're conveniently located near you and offer a wide array of chiropractic services. Schedule your appointment with Stow Family Chiropractic today by calling 978-897-1770. 



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