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Our mission at Stow Family Chiropractic is to improve the quality of our patients’ lives without the use of drugs or surgery through chiropractic care and supporting holistic and targeted modalities, nutritional and lifestyle support and continuous education. We are dedicated to excellence in the care of our patients and in every way we serve them on their quest for health and wellness.  

Chiropractic treatments address underlying causes of: ADHD MA; Allergies MA; Asthma MAAuto Accident Injuries MA; Back Pain-Lower MA; Back Pain-Upper/Neck MA; Carpal Tunnel MA; Colic MA; Ear Infections MA; Fibromyalgia MA; Headaches MA; Pinched Nerves MA; PMS MA; Pregnancy Discomfort MA; Sciatica MA; Scoliosis MA; Slipped Disc MA; Stress MA; Whiplash MA; Wellness MA.

Proudly servicing the areas of: Acton MA, Berlin MA, Bolton MA, Boxborough MA, Concord MA, Harvard MA, Hudson MA, Lancaster MA, Marlborough MA, Maynard MA, Stow MA, Sudbury MA, and Worcester MA.

What Patients Say

Dr. Todd is a miracle worker. I've gone there a few times looking like the hunchback of Notre Dame and he had me upright in no time. Sticking with his preventative maintenance will keep you upright.

Ed G. Stow, MA

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